View Full Version : Problems switching in/out of SLI'd applications

10-26-05, 12:11 PM
I'm running a basic system;
2x 6800GT SLI
ASUS A8N-Deluxe nForce
AMD 64bit 4000+
1g DDR4000

I'm having a lot of graphical problems with SLI and World of Warcraft (and EQII shown these problems too). Symptoms:

After the computer runs for a bit or for what ever other reason, when I start up one of the above games my screen will turn black and just remain there. Nothing happens I can't quit, I can't hit 'escape' to quit the game (thinking No video, but game's running) or anything. I have to hit the reset button on my computer to get it running again.

While playing WoW, I have problems tabbing out of the game. Sometimes I'll get a sucessful tab and I'll be able to do things on my desktop. However, other times when I tab out I get a very messed up grey box "overlay" of the current running application (often Ventrillo) with the game still showing. Only option here is to tab back into the game and try again. If there's no application running in the back ground, tabbing out may give the game an appearent "stall" look.

I'm using the most uptodate drivers dated the 20th. Any suggestions on what I can do fix this?


10-26-05, 12:20 PM
Try turning your monitor off and back on to see if the picture is restored.

10-26-05, 12:36 PM
Monitor's still on. Green LED. no "No LED" error prompt. You really think that's the problem? I wouldn't think it would be possible. If a monitor gets not LED signal, it prompts and error on screen and sets itself into standby mode.

Plus, it's not a solid back. It's that "it's on but it's black" black. Like a "light black" screen you may say. It's quite obvious the monitor is on.

(but eh, I'll try it when I get home, but honestly don't feel that's the problem--any other suggestions?).

10-26-05, 06:01 PM
Just got home. Attempted to start up WoW (mind you the Computer's been idel since .. 12am) and it black screen. Monitor definatly on (I even turned off and back on).

The only way to fix it is to reset my computer. After reboot it works, but for how long?