View Full Version : goup in water cooling? is this ok, anyone have this befor mct-40

10-26-05, 02:34 PM
I have a brand new setup and use mct-40 and occasionally theres some new bubles at top of resavor and i can see ghosty object getting pumped back out through system, idk if this is due to coolinat or just super small bubbles, anyway they stoped my flow indicator a few days ago, i dont want to drain anything because idk if i have enought mct40 for a refil

however, i dont have my cpu hooked up yet to the water cooling only the gpu, do you htink the lack of heat is why the chemicals solidifying, or is it just crap in there?

there are some black specs but only a few

and it looks like white clouds jamming up my cpu flow (spinning fan blade) thing

and if its somekind of groth, can i kill it with light w/o huring the rubber?

ok through the flick process i uncloged the fan and no that white craps goen around and around, but pump seems ok, hmm this stuff says prevents life by killing food sorce, would just waiting kill it as it runs out of food? assuming its alive that is

10-27-05, 02:09 AM
where is your rad conpaired with the resivour ?,Resivore should be the most highest in system, and sometimes you have to move rad upside down for a while to get all air out of system, and your fill point should be higher than your rad.
and your black specs sounds like pieces of rubber hose or paint flakes out of radiator,if your rad is painted black ,anyways its trash and should drain system and clean and refill.

10-27-05, 08:14 AM
res is at top, ivehad the system running mostly off for about a week, should white goup build that fast? and idk about the specs i figured they were just dust from manufactureing and its only like 2 specs so i think i might leave it in, Does AL in the system promote moldgrowth or something?

and is there anything non conductive that i can add to steralize the sytem?