View Full Version : inadequate 0/S privileges

10-28-05, 05:00 AM
hi can somoene help me i just bought quake4 and when i want to play multyplayer i can get into the punkbuster servers but after some seconds i get kicked and there stands "inadequate 0/S privileges" i don't know what this mean and i don't have a crack.
plaese can anybody help me.

srry for my bad englis.

10-28-05, 05:08 AM
you need to update punk busters


let us know how you make out...

10-28-05, 06:19 AM
do i need the Security Files or the Player Client Files or both thx for you info.

10-28-05, 10:34 AM
i would install everything you can get off the site..

10-28-05, 12:33 PM
damn its doesnt work:( :(
but thx for your quick reaction

10-28-05, 12:55 PM
are you logged in as administrator when you install the files?....and run the game

10-29-05, 08:34 AM
yes i am but im gonna reinstall q4 and if it wount work then im gonna play q4 servers that arent whit pb. but thx for your help.