View Full Version : 6800 opengl2 HW accel vs. fx4000?

10-29-05, 09:55 AM
Now that the 6800 forceware drivers enable full opengl 2.0 support, is the 6800's built-in (previously disabled) ogl2 HW acceleration put to full use by these drivers (making it equivalent to the quadro fx4000 for ogl acceleration), or is some ogl acceleration still locked out? I've seen much discussion on the disabled 6 series built-in acceleration, but no discussion since the ogl2 forceware updates in the last few months. Thanks for any insights.

10-29-05, 10:22 AM
Quadro boards as a general rule have additional acceleration to point and line drawing (for wire frames) while nvidia's other products typically do not. This still holds true no matter what version of opengl or directx supported or used.