View Full Version : Masters of Orion 2 problems..

10-30-05, 09:57 AM
I know, I know its an ancient game, but it still kicks ass..

I can't get the game to run on my LCD - I get an out of sync message. Is there anyway I can force the game to play at a higher res, and simple have the black bars around it? It's normal res is 640x480, and plays just fine on my CRT..

EDIT: adding the link to the LCD (http://viewsonic.com/support/desktopdisplays/lcddisplays/xseries/vx500plus/)

10-31-05, 03:37 AM
I really like Master of Orion 2 as well, it's much better than Master of Orion 3 which I hated. I will have to install my copy to see if it still works okay on my pc. Sorry I can't help with your problem with the LCD because I've never used one.

Just reinstalled Moo2 and the patch and it's working perfectly, I can say goodbye to my social life again. :eek:

10-31-05, 07:52 AM
Yeah, it works just fine on my CRT, but I can't get it to run on my LCD.

I agree, Moo3 sucked. :)