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10-30-05, 05:53 PM
Having some issues with my new setup.

Heres the scoop:

I have an X-Fi Xtreme music card and I wanted to hook it up to my Sony STR-DE597 Audio/Video receiver.
Its DD 6.1 / DTS capable.

What I have done is to use a 1/8th mini-sterio to RCA cable.
Going from the "Digital out" on the card to the "Digital coax in" on my receiver.

When playing DVD movies my reciever lights up and tells me i'm in Dolby digital 5.1 mode and all is working great.

However, when I go to play games such as Doom 3 Which is supposed be DD 5.1 my reciever does not go into DD 5.1 mode.

It sounds great but no 5.1 action. I CAN select Surround in the options menu.
Just doesn't come out in 5.1.

Am i missing something? Or is it possible that DVD's work just fine but DD 5.1 games will not without a dedicated "Computer" speaker system?

Thanks, hope someone can help!


10-30-05, 06:15 PM
Because creative cards don't support digital surround for games; you can only do analog surround for games with creative cards. If you want digital surround for games, you'll need a card like mine, a turtle beach montego, an nvidia soundstorm (the best soundcard ever made IMO,) or a Hitec HDA Mystique.

Honestly I don't know what drives people to pay so much for creative cards.

10-30-05, 06:17 PM
Shoot, well that sucks.
Guess I'm gonna have to deal with it.


10-30-05, 06:34 PM
Yep alphawolf is right, but Doom 3 isnt Dolby Digital 5.1, its just 5.1 sound. If you want to multichannel game with your reciever you need pre-amp inputs. and 3 stereo to rca adapters. its like hooking up to a multimedia 5.1 set except you would hook the rca ends to the pre amp input of your reciever. If you do it all correctly You will get multi channel surround via analog, like you would normally do if you hook it up to a MM 5.1 set.

10-30-05, 06:54 PM
Thanks LTech221,

Yep, I do have multi-channel and I'll try that.