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11-01-05, 07:52 PM
Hi everyone,

I want to setup a wireless home network, I am really good with setup wired networks but I am very new to wireless network and I decided to take the plunge. So I was just wording if anyone could walk me through the steps of setting up the wireless network?

My specs:

*Down in basement
--- 3 windows XP pro (sp2)
On a wired network using dink router 5port 10/100/1000
--- 1 freebsd computer as the gateway for the internet
--- new wireless router D-link DL-624 802.11b/g 802.3 108mbps
--- new wireless adapter-D-link DWL-G520 32bit pci2.2

I plan to move one of the XP machines upstairs into a study in second floor

*second floor

--- 1 Windows XP pro (sp2) to use wireless network

11-01-05, 08:38 PM
there really isnt much of a diffrence between wired and wireless... its just a diffrent physical medium ... now there is one cavet ...SECURITY..... jsut remember to get a router and a nic card that is "G" standard and has wpa2 encryption....on both the router and the nic card.... there really isnt much more i can say the setup is straight forward and each router is a little diffrent then others.... i have found for the most part that the instructions are easy...also remember to update the firmware as soon as you get a chance...usually they add features that were in the unit when it was released...well good luck ...and have fun...please let us know how you make out.

11-01-05, 08:39 PM
im a bit busy to walk you through, but on a side note: some wireless routers will not reach so far for an 'excellent' signal connection. i.e. your router is in the back of the house and you are trying to get a 52mbps in the garage far away or a laptop while ur in the driveway, you may notice some problems. If they is a computer/laptop far away from the most-used system, try putting it somewhere in the middle of the to. It's always good to have one computer, perferably your main computer (such as my gaming system which i mostly use) hardwired, meaning its already set up to broadband etc. through a phone line/jack. my linksys wireless router took a lil while to install, only because it was my first time. overall it took 5 minutes, except my router was a faulty one and had to get it exchanged. plus i had a couple problems locating my router on my old dell laptop becuz it would only recognize my neighbor's network. i also can't really walk you through because different companies have different sites and such to set it up. just make sure you encrypt/password your network so a neighobr can not take a peak at it and get all your information. make sure al the firewalls are disabled or you won't be able to use wireless. you have 4 compters right? most routers support up to at least 4. any wireless router with the 'speed-booster' such as the Linksys-G Broadband Rotuer with 25% Speed Boost! will only give you better performance if you have that companies wireless cards in your computer. always use windows update to protect you from crap since ur firewalls are off. its fairly easy to set up, just go onto your brand name router's website, and you swt it up from there.

good luck :)

11-02-05, 12:06 PM
Along with WPA I would consider mac address filtering, yes its not as secure as WPA, but makes a good backup. It might be hard on the neighbors, or vistors who want to connect to the internet who have your WPA information.

Also make sure you change all the default settings on your AP, such as login and other basic passwords. But you probably know that already :) right!

If you are having problems with reception, or weak channels you can always buy an antenna. I would suggest if possible to have your AP box above ground such as in the uppermost section of your house, ground is not a good medium for waves and will kill your reception.

I also agree with making sure your cards and AP have all the latest firmware. I would check with the forums and google to make sure its better, sometimes they introduce useless fluff that you might not need, hampers performance.

Keep your receipts, I have found that D-link, and Linksys make some bad crap. If you keep getting drops, and weird internet slow downs I would suspect your wireless setup. Some people do not know how wireless should work and put up with the faults, if you suspect them then ask about it.

You should be able to game with 802.11x I use to play ut2004 all the time wireless and did not have many problems. If your playing pogo or so other browser based internet game should be fine. Q4, or some other high net content games might push the envelope. One way to tell how good your wifi connection is to play a video over the connection. That will tell you just how robust your network is, if its jumpy, or stutters then you might have a problem.

I use daemon tools all the time and watch video over 802.11b its viewable but at times has lag. but most people don't mind too much since some dvd players do the same thing, but to me I know the difference.


11-04-05, 02:56 PM
All 108 branded stuff has hardware level WPA1 and WPA2 (AES) though you need recent drivers to get the WPA2 settings. As for your specific setup:

*Down in basement
--- 2 windows XP pro (sp2)
On a wired network using dink router 5port 10/100/1000
--- 1 freebsd computer as the gateway for the internet
--- new wireless router D-link DL-624 802.11b/g 802.3 108mbps
--- new wireless adapter-D-link DWL-G520 32bit pci2.2
--- 1 Windows XP pro (sp2) to use wireless network

It looks like you have 3 items as routers here... the highly configurable BSD box, the DLink 5-port router and the DLink 624. As a gamer trying to decrease latency, I would see if you can have the DLink 624 perform the routing/semi-firewall and gateway functions (unless there's some non standardized gatewaying that the BSD box is doing - modem conversion?).

Either way, the 624 will replace the 5-port router as the next link in the chain. You'll want to configure the 624 for the routing functions you need, any DMZ stuff, and then the wireless.

The main things to set in wireless are the channel (hopefully not on top of one of your neighbors channels), the SSID (your wireless network name), and WPA-PreShared key (unless you're going to configure your BSD box for 802.1x - though actually the 624 may do 802.1x - this just changes how you do key setup. PSK (preShared) is the easier one to start. If you have WPA running, then "hide SSID", and MAC-filtering are mostly just annoying if you ever want to setup guests on your network and provide 0 security against even the lowest level of wireless security breakers.

So your setup would look like:

INET<->gateway BSD if needed<->624<wired>2 XP Pro machines
624 <wireless>1 XP Pro (G520)

The only caveat on positioning the antenna, most antennas have a null cone coming out of the longest ends. So don't "Point" either antenna at the device you're connecting. Though multipath bounce will probably still get the signal there. They work similiar to your car antenna... the one that points vertically to receive signals from all sides (but not above) your car.

Good luck.

11-05-05, 11:38 AM
hiding the SSID may cause problems if you are letting Windows itself figure out the wireless networks ettings and all. So I just leave my SSID broadcasted..

Plus, if anyone wanted to hack into your netowrk, hiding SSID isn't going to do anything.