View Full Version : Call of Duty 2 and Anti-Aliasing, something very very abnormal

11-03-05, 06:04 PM
Ok ive been fiddleing with settings today all day and noticed a big difference between the AA settings and when AA is off, when its off peformance is at its worse, at 2x its faster, and at 4x the games runs smoothest for me. This is F***ED up, since when do games run 5+ fps faster with AA enable, especially on a 128MB card with a game like this, my textures are all on high, running dx9 mode, 1024x768. I dont know why its doing this but me likey, but i wish to use 2xAA and get better fps then 4xAA :( so i can have better fps while playing but cant cuz they messed it all up so when i run with no AA its practicly a slideshow. I have no CoD2 setting in my nvidia ctrl panel, settings are set to app controled in global.

Has anyone else noticed improved performance when AA is enabled?
It is on the Tunisia level with the armored car where i really noticed the difference.