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11-04-05, 11:41 AM
This may or may not be a router problem but recently I've been having issues with staying connected to the Internet. The whole duration I'm on the net, at random times, my connection will just die. It acts as if I'm not connected at all, telling me all the pages I wish to view have timed out or whatever. After a bit of waiting, everything goes back to normal. Then it will just quit working again. This happens just about every 15 minutes... I know its not my internet provider, my friends and I have the same provider and they have no problems with it, just me. So I figured it could be a router problem, and if it is (shrug) I need some help with it. lol I'm a total newb when it comes to routers and networking, so if anyone has any suggestions I'm open to them.

Thanks in advance.

11-04-05, 02:07 PM
:( What type of internet connection are we talking about, cable, wireless, dsl? What router, or switch are you using, do you have a firewall on the router?

The first place I would check is your Isp check if they are having any maintance done. Then I would check my firewall logs, see if you are getting port scanned, then I would run some spyware checker software to make sure my machine was clean.

If the above comes clean I would, use ping during one of those slowdowns. Open up the windows cmd line and type ping www.google.com or your favorite website. If it times out then it is probably your isp, then use tracert on the same address see if you get any problems.

Also if you have another computer on your network, such as a laptop ping that as well make sure its not your network card, or your wireless card. If your home network comes clean and no slowness on it then it must be your isp.

Just because your buddy uses the same isp, does not mean your connection is bad, it is possible to use different dns servers for lookup. Trace route will tell you what you might need to know what hop is it stopping at.

Also Isp's are know to over subscribe and do have connection problems at certain times of the day. If it happens at the same time of day I would suspect your isp.


11-05-05, 07:21 AM
Try your connection without the router.

11-05-05, 08:38 PM
Gnu_Raiz: My connection is DSL. I'm using a cheap Network Everywhere NR041 router. Not 100% sure about the firewall on it though. I ran the ping through like you said during slowdowns. Nothing works. The home network is fine, so I guess its my ISP.

What worries me is what Gn00b told me to do, run it without the router. Well when I use the modem it doesn't work period. lol I can't connect to the net with just my modem. It will connect with the router but again, soon after being connected it will die. So... now what? :afro2: lol