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11-05-05, 10:28 AM
I have a few PSP Games here that I never really play. I've been using the system more as a bootleg ipod and movie viewer on the train to and from work. The games just don't " do it " for me.

GTA Liberty City Stories. It's a good game, but I dont like how it takes place in the same city as part 3. I knew it would, but I figured they'd change more around. Just some new vehicles and what not, feels more like a mod than a new game to me to be honest, but it's 1 week old, and comes with original jewel case, manual, poster, and of course, umd. $35 shipped.

Coded Arms. Once you find/get used to the control scheme of your favor, this is a pretty fun little game. This one I beat and it's been laying around since. Again, all is included, jewel case, manual, etc $20 shipped.

Darkstalkers Decent fighter, just never play it anymore. Jewel case, manual, etc included. $20 shipped.

Will trade all 3 for a decent sound card. Something like an Audigy 2.

Open to other trades, looking mainly for PC Hardware or different PSP Games.

Heatware under Archangelv7, even traded a 6800gt with saturn, the mod of this very forum. ;) I'm sure he will vouch for me.

11-05-05, 10:57 AM
aww man, i just parted out my audigy 2 platinum a few days ago. :(

11-23-05, 11:01 AM
Is coded arms still available?

11-23-05, 07:42 PM
They are all still available.