View Full Version : 2 New Computers

11-05-05, 10:39 AM
Ok. I am trying to build another computer because i am selling the one i have now and i am limited to only $600 and i have come up with these two computer. Let me know what you think.

11-05-05, 12:01 PM
those are nice and about the same performance as mine, except my 6600 is 256-bit and i have 2gb of RAM. And i paid through the ass for this system even when it was stock with an 5200FX and 1gb of RAM. My system is mid-range, and you should do well with them. Maybe upgrade the RAM in the future...Other than that, all of it looks nice. Btw, the Corsair Value Series is only $79 right now for 2x512 pc3200 and its teh pwn for its price imo. But if that is not an option, the corsair 2x256 u are getting will still work great.