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11-06-05, 10:16 AM
imo.....this is going to be a damn good game dressed for PC. With the delay of Oblivion, I've been looking around at some other games to play. I found three that interest me Gun, X3 and Sniper Elite, but Gun the most :) here's the scoop:

Mr. Hunt
11-06-05, 12:54 PM
Yeah... been looking forward to it for a while now... can't believe it is from the same people that did the Tony Hawk games... but it is looking great and I love the voice cast... Thomas Jane and Lance Henriksen = awesomeness.

I loved Red Dead Revolver and I love the western theme... and this game is looking great and I love that you can scalp people and stuff.

But yeah... when Oblivion got delayed I said, "Well I guess that means I am getting GUN next tuesday." :\

11-06-05, 01:16 PM
I'd never even heard of it until I saw it in the Best Buy ad this morning.

11-06-05, 02:10 PM
Saw a behind the scenes special on G4TV last night about GUN. Game looks quite good. Looks like the developers went out of there way to make the game as historically correct as possible.

Mr. Hunt
11-06-05, 03:02 PM
Yeah... I saw an interview on IGN with like... the director or something (I forgot, but I think it was the director) and that guy was nuts... I loved it because it sounded like he had a ton of fun doing the western theme and I like when devs enjoy making the games, I feel it means the game might be better :\.

11-06-05, 03:16 PM
Probably the last game on my to get list this year. It looks like it will be great and GamePro magazine gave the 360 version 4.5 out of 5.

01-12-06, 12:50 AM
This game was awesome if you forget about the graphics (which weren't too bad) and get into the story (which wasn't hard). The voices were great. Lance Henricksen, Kris Kristofferson, Brad Dourif, Ron Perlman, and Tom Skerrit were some of the bigger names. I'm ready for a sequel.

I played it on the PC btw. Not a bad port.

Mr. Hunt
01-12-06, 01:09 AM
Yeah... the cast is awesome... Thomas Jane did a great job as the main character. The story was great and would make a great movie (hey Uwe!). Only problem is the fact that it is so short... I didn't want it to end :(.

But yeah... I can't wait for GUN 2 and Red Dead Revolver 2... can't be too many western games for me :).

01-12-06, 02:54 AM
It looked pretty good from what I've seen, the main complaints seem to be that it's extremely short and seems to wrap up the story prematurely. Graphics are PS2-ish, but tolerable. Kinda strange that so many westerns have been released recently (Red Dead Revolver, Dead Man's Hand, and now this). I'm waiting for it to hit the bargin bin personally.

01-12-06, 03:52 AM
Sorry guys but did i play a different game? IMHO it was the ugliest looking pos with the worst control interface ever invented, auto aim anyone?


01-12-06, 05:36 AM
You still have to be somewhat accurate for headshots, and I didn't think the controls were bad at all. They were configurable, but the only thing I didn't like about them was that I couldn't configure the back/forward mouse buttons for anything. Keyboard for riding, mouse for aim/fire. Not really any other way to do it.