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11-07-05, 01:53 AM
Can anyone explain how my motherboard is giving me a Blue screen where the WinXp load screen should be on start up the pc also auto reboots from there.

I just purchased the 7800gt evga Sli mobo deal i hook everything up and i cannot get past the login screen. The pc lets me go into bios or select safe mode or normal mode on startup then it reboots with a blue screen. Only word i can read that fast on reboot is hardrive.
Right now im about to rma the 7800gt back since trying to reseat stuff a transitor fell of the 7800gt and i dont know if i should ship the motherboard back to. > Mobos seal was already broke when i got it. :thumbdwn:

*So my question is should i just be able to plug everything up and push the power button or could something be wrong with the mobo ?

btw I also recieve the same results with a Agp EPOX EP-8RDA3I PRO i thought the mobo was wasted so i sent it back. Im useing a new soyo kt880 no problems with the same hardware.

Hardware*** im trying to get working.
Evga nforce Sli edition mobo
1 gig DDr non ecc non buffered cas 2 ram
7800gt evga
Maxtor drives 80gig/200gig
500watt ultra X connect PSU -new

11-07-05, 07:28 AM
It's probably that power supply. The X-Connect is one of the worst power supplies out there. While some people have had good luck, many, many others have not. If you swap that PSU out for another with at least 25A on the +12v (or at least 18A on 2 or more 12V lines) you should be fine.

11-07-05, 05:23 PM
Looking for a new PSU now. :)

11-07-05, 05:29 PM
Before anything else, at what point (during a driver install perhaps?) did the BSOD's happen? If it was after a driver install, take that driver out and try another. Also, keep the Antivirus off when driver updating. Also after then test the RAM. That way you don't have to spend on the PSU until you know if the other causes (and yes these are two of the top three, ram and drivers, with PSU being the 3rd) are eliminated. Keeps you from the hassle of spending and RMA/returning items.

11-08-05, 06:59 PM
Im not running any active antiviruses just firewall and as in first boot i meant i never see the winXp loading screen it just reboots everything. :thumbdwn:

I only am aloud to look at the bios a and a few bootup screens before it reboots itself in the same spot repeatedly.

My Psu should be here next week and my 7800 RMA should also be here so till then. :)

11-08-05, 07:38 PM
a transitor fell of the 7800gt
anyone else catch this?.... RMA .. no questions asked!

11-18-05, 01:17 AM
Ok i have a lue as to what may have happend keeps fingers crossed. :)

When i get my card tomorrow ill find out if not having a fresh install of windows was th eculprit.

11-18-05, 05:21 AM
I was going to ask if you reinstalled windows, as unless the motherboard you are replacing has the the same chipset, you will get blue screened before windows loads. When replacing other hardware like videocard etc, you shouldnt need to fresh install of windows.

11-18-05, 06:11 AM
Also make sure you have the latest BIOS for your board i had an issue with my A8N SLie premium also first boot it restarts but 2nd attempt in getting in windows was fine. a BIOS fix solved that.

11-18-05, 10:55 AM
Ok i have a lue as to what may have happend keeps fingers crossed. :)

When i get my card tomorrow ill find out if not having a fresh install of windows was th eculprit.

So you're switching out motherboards without reloading windows???

THAT'S the problem.

11-18-05, 12:01 PM
Whether it ends up working with the fresh install or not, I'd still RMA the card if something fell off.

11-19-05, 12:43 PM
A fresh install did the trick so the problem is now fixed. :)

Now all i need to do is set up my bighard drives with my WINXp key and im good to go.

Besides being stubborn and stupid the fresh install did wonders, ive already recieved the replacement 7800gt and it had a COD2 disk inside so i dont even need to both getting one from evga. :)

11-19-05, 02:22 PM
Good to hear you got it all sorted out :thumbsup:

11-19-05, 02:47 PM
sorry about not seeing the transistor. I wouldn't even asked about RMA. Got the replacement and is well. Good show.

11-20-05, 01:47 AM
And dont tell anyone i said this i like my stock 6800gt better than the aiw x800xt.

I mean it was weird like i could really tell a differance comparing BF2 with both cards. :eek: