View Full Version : Really high PWM temps

11-07-05, 04:52 AM
Ok guys. After playing around with the program S&M (http://testmem.nm.ru/snm.htm) I've noticed that my PWM temps will often go as high as 90C!!!

Is that safe for a Prescott system?? I've tried stock clocks and the temps still work their way back up. The CPU and System temps are fine.

I have good case cooling, 1 120mm fan at the rear, one on the side and one on the front and the Power supply has a 120mm fan too. The sysem is prefectly stable, mosr stable than it has been for awhile.

I tried RAM sinks in the little Mosfets? themselves but that didn't help and theres not really enough room to put any in there.

I'm wondering if the temp sensor is screwed, or if I am if those temps are real?

Edit: OK my fingers tell me those temps are real! What can I do? Surely they aren't safe.

Thanks for any help