View Full Version : anyone have 7800GT SLI

11-08-05, 02:50 AM
just wondering if anyone has a 7800GT SLI setup

since most ppl ive seen have hte GTX setup curious as to those who have the GT one
like how performance is and does it meet their expectations and such

11-08-05, 03:18 AM
My buddy has a 7800GT setup and it goes really well. Its a good way to go for near GTX performance but for a lot less cash.

11-08-05, 05:25 AM
Yup. Have 7800GT's in SLI.
Performance is spot on where it should be.
I play all games at 1600x1200. Usually with maximum detail and some degree of AA and AF. I tend to tweak the graphics so that I have more than 60fps 95% of the time.
It's not the be-all-end-all of rigs, but it's usually fast enough. Should last me almost a year, I guess.
30k 3DMark03

11-08-05, 09:48 AM
I have a 7800GT SLI setup- it's fantastic. Should last me through 2006- at least that is what I keep telling myself and my wife ;)

11-08-05, 11:33 AM
I'm running two EVGA 7800GT CO's in SLI.

Works great... playing with settings I reached 13,5K in 3D Mark 2005, I think 14K is possible with more playing.

So far every game I'm running is working great at 1680x1050 4x4 with no problems... only game that has fallen under 30fps is COD2 which is runs bad on every computer... even FEAR ran great for me.

It's a good way to go.

11-08-05, 01:03 PM
I laughed this weekend.

At Comp USA they were advertising a 7800GT SLi System that only got 10XXX in 3DMark05. My BFG 7800GTX OC gets over 8200 on my System @ stock.

They also had Doom3 running on that machine and it wasn't even hitting over 30fps. I'm sure something was fubared.

Anyways, what's stock 3DMark05 scores on the 7800GT my bud just got one and it's coming tomorrow!

11-08-05, 01:59 PM
Well, ive cleared 8000 in 3dMark 05 with just a single 7800GT, so SLi should be a good performer. I get my second one on Saturday with any luck, would have already been on the SLi wagon if it wasn't the eternal need to upgrade to 2GB of ram and fork out for a beefier PSU.