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11-08-05, 09:13 AM
hey guys, well im having some major issues. came back to my dorm last night and my comp started acting up, so i went to restart, and bam, windows was FUBAR'd.

i keep getting BSOD's with what i believe is a page fault error. i formatted and reinstalled windows. then, i installed the 6.66 forceware package, and i got errors on the reboot. i managed to get into windows with another reboot, and installed the x2 driver, then it was really messed up and would not boot again.

now, i have since set my bios settings to default and reinstalled XP again (so now my OC is gone) and im going to start trying and installing some things later.

on my old nforce2 board, you used to have to run the sound card in the middle PCI slot to prevent IRQ conflicts. would this help on my new board? maybe IRQ conflicts are responsible for all the BSOD's and lock ups i have been having.

however, i am worried it is because of my dual core cpu. i got BSOD's before with my 3200, which a BIOS update seemed to fix. however, another bios update and a new CPU and i am back where i started.

could you guys plz recommend what order i should install drivers? any ideas why i am getting all these issues? any way i can get rid of these problems?

im gonna call up Asus or someone and bitch them out if i cant get any help. this is ridiculous

11-08-05, 03:59 PM
This is obvious, I know, but did you check the memory with memtest? I'd run this for at least 8 hours or 40 passes, whichever comes first.

New version for 64 bit (including dual core):



11-08-05, 04:06 PM
yes, its prime95 and memtest stable, however i think it is memory problems. i think the speed and the PAE in windows is causing errors of some sort. atm, things are ok (crosses fingers).

i turned off my OC, seems like my OC was giving me the errors (at least it does atm)

thx a lot for lettin me know about the 64bit/dual core memtest, im gonna download it now and check it out :D

11-08-05, 09:51 PM
could you guys plz recommend what order i should install drivers? any ideas why i am getting all these issues? any way i can get rid of these problems?

The order I install my drivers in is this:
1) nForce 4 drivers (6.70's)
-maybe try not installing the ide driver that comes with these. This fixed my recent problem of my computer completely locking up randomly.
2) nVidia display driver
3) Soundblaster drivers
4) Logitech keyboard drivers
5) whatever is left

Like I said above, not installing the ide driver fixed all of my problems.

11-08-05, 11:14 PM
thx, i heard that the IDE driver does cause problems for some ppl. atm, things are going good. however, if i start gettin BSOD's again and random locks/freezes, ill reinstall windows and leave the IDE driver out.

11-09-05, 02:42 PM
any possibility my memory cant handle the speeds its supposed to? maybe ill try runnin memtest86 for a night at ddr500.

however, just cause it passes memtest86 doesnt necessarily mean it wont have errors in windows, right?

im really not too happy with crucial tbh. i buy this stuff thinking it can do the 3-4-4-8, and probably better, as most ppl get it to about 2.5-3-3-6 or 2.5-3-3-8. however, my SPD timings in cpuz says its 3-4-4-10. seems like they lied to me :mad:

11-12-05, 03:59 PM
Page fault error? no such thing. First of all. A page fault is normal.

Page fault is when the OS swaps data from memory with data stored on the hard drive that the OS makes the hardarware beleive it's physical memory (the swap file). When the CPU makes a cache mis, it pages RAM. If RAM does not have it, it creates a Page fault in which it swaps data from swap file to actual physical RAM. This is a normal occurance on all computers. It a part of virtual memory. No true multitasking OS will function without it.

Windows XP actualy dynamicaly shares IRQs. Every hardware Interup Request is (IRQ) pass though the OS first before it is sent to hardware. This is different from 9x and ME because, those OSes alowed individual applications to controll Hardware. This caused instability. Windows XP issued this problem, with a little added overhead, which with today's hardware should be imposible to notice.

BIOs also has error codes that it can beep or display during POST. If there is any serious problems you would get an error code way before windows even attemps to load.

It obviously a software issue, not hardware. ;)

11-12-05, 11:28 PM
that makes me feel better. i am runnin stable still with stock speeds. the machine runs nicely. but i know what its capable of, so i still want to try and get my stellar OC back.

in a couple weeks i will begin OC'ing. im thinkin i might only do 2.4GHz on the cpu this time with a 200mhz ram speed, hopefully at some tight timings (ie 2-2-2-5, 1T) ill post and see how it all goes. i dont think my memory will handle it though. i think i got a crap pair :mad: