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11-08-05, 09:54 AM
Hey guys,

I was wondering which many of you prefer and what kind of results you were getting when you set your AA and AF with either the game itself or with the card drivers. I am using a geforce 7800GTX and I seem to have better luck using the driver settings rather than the game. For example:

Doom 3 -Application preference
NO AA = Good performance at all resolutions
AA enabled = Bad performance at all resolutions

Doom 3 -Driver controlled
NO AA = Good Perfomance at all resolutions
AA enabled = Good Perfomance at all resolutions

AF Works good at either Driver or Game preference

Half-Life 2
This one seems to run the same either way, but looks a lot better when I use the driver settings rather than the application preference. It seems like the antialiasing doesn't work when I set it up to be Application Preference. Also, the game only gives me the option to go up to 6X antialiasing, and the drivers allow much higher and encludes 8xs mode which make the fences in the game look oh so good!

What kind of results are you getting and which do you prefer? I didn't post frames per second or benchmarks because I am just basing this on how the game feels. I like it to be smooooth. For me, a constant 60 fps feels better than fps that jump from 185 down to 75 and are basically just all over the place. I ususally enable a framerate cap in the game (if it allows it) and enable vsynch and it feels the best. Doom = 60fps Half Life = 85 fps.

Tell me which you prefer and why!

Sir Random
11-08-05, 10:18 AM
I leave my drivers at 4xAA, 16xAF in the CP, and I usually ignore the in-game AA/AF settings (unless it's the only way that works).
I lower the AA to 2x for newer games.

11-08-05, 01:07 PM
It does depend on the game itself. Some run better with the in-game settings and others do not. I'm glad you brought this up though. It reminded me to check on some setting for a couple of games.

BTW, if you have a 7800 series, the TAA Super sampling combined with 4xAA smoothes out the fences in HL2 very nicely without as much of a hit as 8xAA.