View Full Version : Aerocool = excellent customer service

11-08-05, 09:04 PM
With my interest peaked for SLI, I had to consider power.....I noticed that my AeroCool Turbine 550w PSU was SLI ready but only had one 6pin PCI-e vid line...I was alittle stummped at first, but a quick trip to thier site showed me this:
Another quick trip to my parts box....showed me I never got one with the PSU I bought :(
So, I shot Aerocool an e-mail asking, if all the Turbine PSU were SLI capable and if they were, could I obtain one of the SLI cables since I never received one with the org. PSU. Within 2 hours!!! I had a reply saying yes they are all SLI ready and asking that I fill out a simple RMA form. Which I did and returned, less than 16hs later(overnight) got another e-mail saying that the cable is shipped.
:) I love this stuff...The Turbine PSU has been nothing but rock solid, combine great products with awesome CS...hell, I'm sold on Aerocool, now :D


btw: they make great fans too