View Full Version : F/s (2) 36 gig raptors

11-10-05, 12:58 AM
Well need some more space so I'm selling these babies. They are both about 2 years old, so plenty of that 5 year warranty left. Both are in perfect working condition and have been in a raid 0 since I have owned them. Looking for $120 for both or $60 each. These prices include shipping.

just have feedback on ebay queenamidala99

thanks for looking

11-11-05, 07:30 AM
any guarantees?
Also could you attach screenshots of their SMART status please?

11-11-05, 08:41 AM
Sorry I sold these last night, thanks for your interest!

11-11-05, 10:47 AM
I hate you. Change your damn sig then. :p



11-11-05, 03:41 PM
i will gladly change my sig with the new parts I'm putting in :D