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11-11-05, 08:15 PM
hey everyone, now that i have all my power supply problems worked out (bought a NeoHE 550w that didn't work with my Asus motherboard, so I bought a Thermaltake Purepower 500w) I can finally put this up for sale. I bought it back in May when I first put my rig together, and it worked flawlessly for me. But then I decided to upgrade to SLI with my 6600gt's and really tried overclocking my Venice and ram (after I bought a pair of OCZ Platinum Rev. 2's), so I decided I needed something with a little more juice that could do well for the future as well because I eventually want to upgrade to a 7800 series card. So now this is just sitting around in it's box, so I figure I could give it a good home somewhere. I'm asking for $65 shipped to the US only. I accept paypal (non-CC) for payment. I will ship out via USPS Priority Mail.


Heat : 5-0-0 - JeRi
Ebay : 26-0-0 - jericholic1227

here's some pics:


Either email me at jericholic1227 "at" yahoo.com or PM for questions or offers.

thanks for looking and bumps are always appreciated!!

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11-15-05, 07:36 PM
sale pending at anandtech

11-18-05, 05:11 PM
PSU Sold! Thanks everyone