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11-11-05, 08:57 PM
for some reason my bios only supports up to Ultra DMA 5 and my drives are Ultra DMA 6. I tried overriding it using the nForce IDE controller settings but Windows will only boot from a full power down after doing so, not a simple restart. I did a speed test and the burst speed was much faster in UDMA 6 but I'm guessing it's bad to run without BIOS support. Any workarounds or know how much speed I am losing by staying with UDMA 5?

11-12-05, 10:55 AM
UDMA 5 = ATA 100 or 100mb/sec.
UDMA 6= ATA 133 or 133 mb/sec.

On paper, you lose about 33% performance loss when you shift down to 100 or UDMA 5. Also, in the past I kept having controller problems (intel i850) with UDMA 5 drives and windows xp home edition. Somehow, I kept getting too many drive errors until I upgraded to a Promise UDMA 6 (ata 133) card in the pc. ever since until the pc was sold it worked flawlessly.