View Full Version : Problem with ESS Maestro sound card.

11-11-05, 09:48 PM
i need some help identifying a problem with my sound. When i play COD Onited Offensive, the right speaker on my headphones starts crackle and static REALLY bad! Well it doesnt do it on COD or NFS hot pursuit 2. Is this that my soundcard cant handle the game or is it my headphones. i have, according to windows, the updated version of my Soundcard drivers. Also i have patch 1.5 installed on COD UO. Can someone help?

11-12-05, 01:48 AM
If its the headphones do a simple test and hook them to another source, if they don't crackle or do anything u described then there most likely fine. If its happening only in these games then try updating the drivers, if not then your soundcard may not be fully supported.

11-12-05, 08:24 AM
When i got into HARDWARE to update the sound card it shows 2 sound selections. the first one

ESS Maestro2E MPU-401 Compatible(WDM) the Drivers selection says this= << This is the driver its using. When i try to update it Windows says it cant find anything newer. The second one is...

ESS Maestro2 PCI AudioDrive(WDM) The drives it is using is= 5.2.3633.0 When I try to update it, Windows says it cant find anything newer. Well there is one more selection that says it is located on the Maestro2 PCI AudioDrive. Here it is...

Standard Game Port It says the driver it is using is= When I try to update it, Windows cant find anything newer. So can someone tell me if these are the newest drivers. Or maybe i need to rollback my drivers.

Oh yea. The side of my Headphones that is crackling and fizzing is a little loose. i can turn it and the other side(Which has the microphone on it) I can turn. Does that mean they are broke? By the way they are a pair of LOGITECH headphones. They are about 1 year old.

11-12-05, 02:34 PM
http://www.esstech.com/techsupp/drivers.shtm#pci try there to see if you can get an updated driver. And im not sure but they may be broken, try plugging it into another device like a cd player or something if it crackles still then its definately the headphones. Im not sure how the warranty is with the logitechs but if its a year or 2 just get them replaced.