View Full Version : WTSL AMD skt 939 3400+ and NF4K8MC-ERS great deal

11-11-05, 10:02 PM
Motherboard link


Ok my cpu had a accident durring water cooling setup, as it is 2 pins were missing, with some solder, and wire and a little glue i fixed 1 pin(non burning glue if your wondering) so that it works great. The other pin i couldent fix and however has something to do with the memory so the computer will not boot with ram in the 2nd dimm. Besides this small flaw the cpu runs great and ive hit a oc of 2.4, but run it at stock speed all the time. So that pin had a effect on the 2nd pin along, now this motherboards great. What people bitch about is a lack of overclocking features, however with nforce 4 you can change almose any setting(ram OC handled mostly in bios but full options). So i dont think there anything you cant change setting wise with this combo

I know there millions of poeple out there with 512-1gb or ram and will never go higher and only have 1 dim in use anyway, however my sweet 2 X 1gb sticks in my dresser right now, not being loved, so i would like to get $200+ for this setup. This is a rare cpu with amd 3500+ core, and it runs great. With my 6600gt i almost hit 4500 in 3dmark 05

both motherboard and cpu were bought new end of this summer

please msg me with a bid if your interested, and i feel like a idiot, but seriulsy this is a great combo, help me out :(

oh and this mobo has cool boot picturefeature you can set, and has newest foxconn bios in it, and has no problems, its just that stupid cpu pin, if you can fix it, way to go !

11-12-05, 10:10 AM
oh and thats a newcastle core if your wondering:cool: help me out

11-13-05, 02:26 PM
still 4 sale

11-13-05, 03:21 PM
how much for the 2gb ram sticks i need that its PC 3200 right


11-19-05, 09:18 AM