View Full Version : advice on pc upgrade please

11-13-05, 04:11 AM
i am upgrading my pc (use my pc primarily for games) and have decided on buying a 7800gt gfx card for as low as possible but if anything the prices seem to be rising slightly... anyone seen one cheaper then the 235 one on OC uk?

I have decided on a hiper 580w modular psu, is it good choice?. As for the mobo i have decided on A8N-Sli Deluxe and im guessing its a good choice?

Finally im upgrading my CPU to a amd64.. i will definitly spend 130 quid o more to get a 3500+ or better, i would like it to future proof quite well so may even stretch to a 3800 X2 if it is worth the extra cost :confused: , any recommendations?

i guess its an almost full pc upgrade :D but my standard 1gb ram and decent case dont need replacing as far as i know... any thoughts would be appreciated... also i live in UK so i cant get stuff anywhere near as cheap in us/canada :(


11-13-05, 04:37 AM
Is your ram DDR400? Slower memory modules will work, but will mess with your divider settings so I don't recommend it.

11-13-05, 04:42 AM
I'd say get that x2 while you are upgrading ;) Overclock it a tad but Jaks is right make sure you have DDR400 memory modules :)

11-13-05, 06:18 AM
yeah as far as i know i have 2x 512 kingston pc3200 400mhz so i think they should be ok