View Full Version : MSI Neo4 SATA/PATA boot problem. HELP!!

11-13-05, 04:59 PM
Hi all,

I got today an MSI NEO4 SLI plat. with AMD 3000+ as an upgrade for my ABIT IS7 and P4 2 GHZ CPU.
I have 2 DVD drives and 2 Hard rives, one of them is SATA that I normally used on my ABIT as
The boot drive where I install windows XP on. The other hard drive is a PATA drive that I use
as a storage drive on my X ABit mobo.
Now with the MSI motherbaord I have the following problem:
I want to be able to boot from the SATA drive, windows gives it a letter D rather than C and the PATA
Drive get's a letter C and even though the windows is installed on the SATA drive, I can't boot to windows
unless I make my first boot choice my DVD drive and the windows CD must be inside the dvd drive.
Other than that I get the NTDldr missing file.

Please help, I want my SATA to be called C and I can boot from ti without the CD in the dvd drive.

11-13-05, 08:51 PM
Found a way to fix that.