View Full Version : will my motherboard run a dual channel ddr3200??

11-13-05, 07:51 PM
i have a soyo p4vte supports DDR400 pc3200 2gb

i want to upgrade from 1gb 2x512mb pc2700 to 2gb 2x1gb pc3200 DDR

but the memory is dual channel will this board run the memory in single channel mode or do i need to switch mobos witht he ASROCK P4V88+ ???

just want to know so i don't get this stuff and it ends up not working

11-13-05, 08:01 PM
yes, it will run the memory just fine.

they name memory dual channel because they tend to be 'matched pairs' which are pairs that are designed or have been tested to run in dual channel mode.

however, if your board does not support it, then it will just run in single channel mode. ;)

11-13-05, 08:45 PM
GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!! is there a real world improvement from single channel and dual channel ??? i was wondering if i should switch mobos anyways since the p4v88+ supports up to 4gb wheres my soyo p4vte supports only 2gb
but there both the same via PT800 chipset i think Hardocps had a Review of the PT800 vs the Intel chipset and the single channel like performed better or identical anyone have a opion on this .

also i think iam gonna buy from zip zoom fly they got free 2day shipping
or should i stick with new egg
thanks for your help !