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Ebay/Heat - Qlitchford
Or ask superkyle!


The following system is selling as a combo. Shipping is included in the final price, Priority Mail. These components have been my bread and butter for over a year and has been the most reliable system I have ever had the pleasure of owning. This is a great system for your parents, girlfriend, or even a great mid/high end gaming machine for yourself.

Athlon 64 3200 (Clawhammer) 1mb Cache, 2.0 ghz, 754Pin
MSI Neo-FS2R ....6 Ch. Audio; Gb LAN; IEEE 1394; RAID; SATA; ATA133
Arctic Silencer 64 (One QUIET heatsink. Night and day difference from stock. These are the same people who make the NV Silencer products.)
1Gb (2x512) DDR400 Kingston HyperX ....2-3-2-6 timings (These are the recomended specs I ran it at, might go tighter.)

I'm asking $225 via Paypal. I don't want to part it out unless you're making a very good offer.

Thanks for looking!

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As Carl would say, Qlitch is "frickin' awesome!"

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