View Full Version : K...where are all the 7800GTX 512mb reviews???

11-14-05, 05:24 AM
Damn! I popped awake at 0600 and ran to the PC expecting to "eat" a ton of 7800GTX 512mb reviews for breakfast....... but sadly :( I couldn't find one....not only that but none of my favorite retailers have any listed for sale :( :(

11-14-05, 05:27 AM

[EOCF] Tim
11-14-05, 05:45 AM
Maybe do a little research before making a new thread.... NDA get's lifted at 14:00 GMT :)

11-14-05, 06:00 AM
Tim']Maybe do a little research before making a new thread....

Maybe you could "Bite-me"..... oh oops did I say that :mad: bad me.

sure I'll find a few links(to foriegn sites) buried in a 65 page thread first thing in the AM.....when none are listed on the big review site like FS,[H] or AnandT .
....Maybe you could keep your uncalled for and rude remakes off the forum form now on. Everyone would appriciate it

11-14-05, 07:19 AM
dude, chill...
he was right, and it is you who are being rude...