View Full Version : quake4 css conflict

11-14-05, 06:16 AM
Hello I have a very strange problem...

If I run CS:S and then run Quake4 without restarting first I get these weird flickering artifacts that go up my screen when i start the game... If I delete my quake4confic.cfg first it loads fine, I then have to redo all my settings, and then it works without flickering lines.

But if I run CS:S again I will have to restart my comp, or redo all my quake4 settings before I can play quake4 again.

I have not had any artifacts or problems in 3dmark03,05, rthdrib, or CSS..

What the hell is going on?

Asus a8n premium
pny geforce 7800 gtx
2gig ocz ram

Latest Nforce and Forcware drivers.

11-14-05, 10:24 AM
Are you overclocking your vid card?

11-14-05, 12:15 PM
No over-clocking at all... Everything is at stock.