View Full Version : need your expertise Nforce430 + nvidia videocard driver

11-14-05, 09:50 AM

I have bought a Gigabyte mb recently with a chipset geforce 6100 and nforce430 south bridge. I also bought a evga geforce 6800 gs. When I try to update my nvidia driver, i get a message that the driver is incompatible!

Is there a specific driver I should use when one has that type of chipset?

Many thanks!


11-14-05, 10:52 AM
Forgot to add my complet specs.

My specs

Antec 430W
AMD 64 3500+
Gigabyte GA-K8N51GMF-9
chipset geforce6100/nv430
512 Megs DDR400 Kingston VAlue
Maxtor 80GB harddrive
Evga geforce 6800 gs
WinXP sp2

I just changed my Kingston to Crucial (I had a spare memory), and everything "seems" to be ok now (too early to conclude!).

Could this be memory incompatible or defect memory? (if defect, don't you think it would just be not working instead of loops during game play?)