View Full Version : GTX to Quadro?

11-14-05, 01:41 PM
Hey guys, I plan to purchase two 512MB 7800GTXs for SLi in ear future. I'm wondering if I will be able to mod them to Quadros down the line. I'm not sure what Quardo 4500 is based on, I think GTX 256mb? I know Quadro 4400 is 6800 based.

Has anyone heard of 7800 GTX conversion to Quadro?


11-14-05, 01:49 PM
Heh, there has been some heated discussion about this in the past but I believe it was over a 68xx to Quadro mod. Not sure if I've seen a 78xx mod mentioned yet.

11-14-05, 03:13 PM
Search on RivaTuner for the GeForce to Quadro mod.

11-14-05, 03:47 PM
According to Unwinder, the maker of Rivatuner, a 7800 to Quadro mod will probably never be possible since the 7800 has a hardwired mask.

11-15-05, 08:44 AM

I would believe that 2 x 512 GTX in SLi would equal single Quadro's 4400 or 4500 performance, or at least be worth the $1000 I'm saving and have more video ram.