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11-15-05, 12:32 AM
Hi to all at the forums!

I am having a slight problem with overclocking. I have Gainward GeForce 7800 GTX GS SLI. When I have enabled overclocking settings in menu with NVTweak, and overclocked cards succesfully, and selected the option that these options will be used at next start of Windows. But when i boot my computer, and go to overclocking settings, they are at stock. I know this may be simple problem, but I`d like to have it overclocked... Oh, and I have Forceware 81.89.

11-15-05, 06:42 AM
Don't use NVTweak then. Use either Coolbits 2.0, RivaTuner or Gainward's own overclocking program.

11-15-05, 09:02 AM
Hmm.. Did what you said on RivaTuner, it doesnt support 81.94 but it should not be a problem. Well I clocked and tested it with RivaTuner, and choosed option on loading clocks on Windows startup. Does the same thing. And by removing NVTweak, the hidden menu parts from ForceWare didn`t dissappear.. Do I have to install drivers again, so there are no "hidden parts", in menu, and then overclock with RivaTuner?