View Full Version : bfg 7800 gt oc fan speed adjustment?

11-15-05, 07:46 AM
Hi - I've just got a bfg 7800 gt oc, and everythings great - apart from the fan noise! All the other components in my case have nice slow rpm large fans etc, so virtually silent and way cool enough as I don't overclock and the airflow is good...

I loaded rivatuner, but it seems to make no difference when I adjust the 2d and low load 3d options. If it does then I can't notice the difference noise wise. I have the Version 2.0 Release Candidate 15.7 rivatuner and the latest 81xx nvidia drivers..

Ok here's my options:

1.Buy an aftermarket vga cooler, either the zalman or artic cooling, but then I reckon I'm screwed for space and heat to do sli with it in 6 months....

2.Somehow slow down the fan installed in 2d and low load 3d...

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated!


athlon 64 3500+
bfg 7800gt oc
dfi lanparty sli-d nf4
1gb geil ram
creative audigy 2
hauppauge pci tv card
maxtor sata 250gb

11-17-05, 02:48 AM
Anyone? Anyone know how to slow the fan down on this? - Rivatuner doesn't seem to do the job :(

12-07-05, 04:28 PM
Dammit! I was hoping someone posted a response. Same problem too, the fan is wide open all the time.

I use to own a BFG 6800GT OC and the fan was noisey on bootup, but would quiet down once the driver loaded.