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11-15-05, 11:50 AM
Okay, i have an xfx 7800gt and i recently ordered an evga 7800gt and now i have a question. they will both be clocked at 460/1100 and on the xfx i currently have a zalman cooler. well, i know that 2 zalmans wont fit on my board in sli, so i have 2 options...

a)leave the zalman on the xfx and move it to the bottom and put the evga with stock cooling on the top.

b)put the stoxk xfx cooling back on so it all looks nice

i am wondering what you guys think? i dont know what the temps are like on a stock cooler, but i sit at 42/50. and, the look of my pc matters but do you guys think one zalman will look dumb? keeping in mind that the stock cooler for the xfx is the silver one and the evga is black.

by the way... what an overclockable Opteron! weee!!

11-15-05, 01:57 PM
Just get 2x of these and you will be good to go :D


Or any VF700's for that matter

11-15-05, 02:31 PM
well, i know that 2 zalmans wont fit on my board in sli, so i have 2 options...

I ran two Zalman's on my DFI board with no probs, you just take off the brace plate with Zalman's logo and you are golden (wtf is that thing for anyway...)

11-15-05, 02:56 PM
see, i had 2 zalmans on some 6600gt's and that top one was really really warm

11-15-05, 05:42 PM
I'm in the same boat. I have an XFX 7800 GT with NV Silencer 5 Rev. 3 cooler. I'm going to put this in the bottom slot and put another XFX 7800 GT with the stock cooler in the top slot. My first card is really fast for a GT as I can clock at 510/1270 max. My second card has been shipped and will be here tomorrow. With the new drivers you are supposed to be able to run different BIOS's and different clocks, or different cards of the same class. I will probably run different clocks as I doubt I get a second card that clocks as well.

11-15-05, 11:59 PM
Just bite the bullet and go H20 zoomy. Your cards will love you for it.