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11-16-05, 01:33 AM
Hi folks,

Wondering if you could help me with some sound overclocking advice, know many of you know your business!
Bottom line, my CPU plain refuses to OC.
Being a Venice core 3500+ I would have thought I would atleast get a 2.4Ghz out of it, but it's having none of it. This is what I have tried so far.

Tried just plainly increased CPU FSB to 220 and lowering HT to X4 = system resets on POST.

Loosened Ram timings to SPD, increased CPU voltage to 1.425 and DDRv to 2.8v = same again, falls over.

Used a multiplier of x10, FSB to 240, and used a memory divider of 2/1.66.
With and without increasing CPU voltage again, notice on this OC the ram is hardly OC'ed if at all due to the divider, around 400ish as per usual. = System falls over. (Tried lowering HTT to X3 just incase, no go)

Really at a complete loss here, never in my life have I know a recent CPU to not atleast get to 220FSB. Power isn't the issue here at all, plenty of juice here. One hard drive, no optical drives hooked up and removed the 2nd 7800GT out of interest, same trouble..... it just will not OC. :-(

CPU heat isn't an issue, usually I hover around 21C idle on air here, plus its cold time of year which helps and I have no central heating in my house.

Any pointers?

- D -

11-16-05, 06:07 AM
In past I've have never had good luck OCing on Gigabyte motherboards.
So maybe, its the bios version you are using or a setting in the hidden "F2" menu. Seems like you have your bases covered in the attemps you made to OC, so if it is possible, maybe could try another CPU(a known OCer) to pin down weather its just an unwilling CPU or some component other holding the OC back.

11-16-05, 02:40 PM
Don't really have anything lying around, and yeah got into the hidden options with the CTRL-F1 thing.

Might try and downgrade the bios, see if that helps any.

11-16-05, 03:17 PM
Keep the voltage at 2.65v max and try 3-4-4-10-1T timings.

11-16-05, 04:37 PM
Tried the ram at SPD dude, cant get much looser than that.
Think ill wait till the weekend and try and older bios.
Thanks for the replys and insight thus far.

11-16-05, 06:20 PM
If you can (I only have the option in the newest F9 for my board) try locking pci clocks. It could be something silly like that. I've got my X2 running at pretty much exactly what you're trying. HT@4x CPU@240x10 RAM@2/1.66 to put it ~398. If I take it any higher though, it won't post no matter what kind of voltage I put through it. Maybe I'll get a little more out of both the cpu and ram when I get my new board, but I don't have another to test yet.

11-17-05, 12:51 AM
Yeah, i'm starting to think that's the problem.
I can overclock more in Windows using Easytune, but I hate doing that.
You never know what's going on stability wise, PCI-E is locked at the 100mhz for sure but got a hinkling there is no mention of anything else PCI related speedwise, have to check that out.
Cheers dude, more food for thought.

11-24-05, 07:01 PM
Tried the ram at SPD dude, cant get much looser than that.
Think ill wait till the weekend and try and older bios.
Thanks for the replys and insight thus far.

I have the same ram, they will ony run stable at 3-4-4-8 and they do not like more than 2.65v. They OC very well with those timings though(236MHz, 1T). Its the only reason I asked you to try it;)

11-24-05, 07:27 PM
You may want to use Clockgen (http://www.cpuid.org/clockgen.php). A well known tool for OC'ing in Windows that clearly shows if the PCI is locked at 33 while moving the slider. May help.

11-24-05, 08:32 PM
With my board, I had to lower the HTT to 3x just to get my system to post. I upped the RAM to 2.8v and the vcore to 1.5v to just be safe and I've had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I think I may try to push it a little further, maybe 2.3 or 2.4.

Are you running a 6:5 divider?

11-26-05, 04:56 AM
I would think it is your mainboard, venices are renound for their overclockability, can you get any overclock at all?

11-26-05, 08:06 AM
It's a sheer mystery!
I have tried running the HTT X3 , increading DDRv to 2.8v and vcore to 1.5v !
Even if I clock the memory to 333mhz the FSB still won't budge past 220 which is ridiculous. Get a warning on POST about the CPU FSB being over 200 and it just resets itself.
Asked Gigabyte tech support and they are like " All systems have different components...blah blah" and were no help at all.
The board has great OC'ing features, just I got a hinkling this OEM Venice CPU is a bodged OC'er! Luck of the draw I guess, next time I will buy a retail CPU just incase.

11-26-05, 08:31 AM
I tend to agree that it is probably your cpu that is the limiting factor but it could be a number of component combinations or one component. I have the same board and when I first got it I checked it's overclocking capabilities and found it to be a very good overclocker. At the present it is in my main system. I no longer use it in gaming but it runs continuously at 2.2GHz with a 3200+ and PC3500 Mushkin (2x512MB) ram at 1:1.