View Full Version : So it ends.

11-16-05, 03:17 AM
Anyway, as some of you may remember if I wasn't fighting off Squadrons of killer bees. I was paitiently waiting for a replacement XFX 6800GT. Anyways after 3 months I recieved a new 6800GT. It was also faulty. Now after just over 3 long months. The guys at AusPCMarket must have taken pity on me and fought for a refund from their suppiler to pass on to me.

So with a $803 credit and a Credit Card that hasn't seen the light for almost a year I have ordered the following modest items.

An Abit AN8-SLI motherboard
an AMD Athlon64 3800+ Venice 64-Bit CPU
and a Sparkle 7800GT (bargin price to hard to refuse)
all this came to was $1300AUD minus the credit equals alot better than i thought.

I can't wait till Friday when I will have finished school for the year and I can put this all together and play those dusty copies of FEAR and Quake4 sitting on my shelf.

oh and AusPCMarket rules. Best hardware store in NSW.