View Full Version : Will the 6800GS be enough for a 2405?

11-17-05, 02:50 PM
Well I'am trying to sell my GTX and already bought a lower end card..the 6800GS but this was all before I was able to get Dell 2405FPW extreamly cheap. I did plan on trying to play games on my 21" CRT at a minimum of 1200x1024 with the GS a step down from my GTX. So basically my question is will games be able to run lower than the native resolution on the 2405FPW with no problems using the GS?

I dont want to get rid of the GTX if the GS will run like crap with 2405. Opinions much appreciated

11-17-05, 03:27 PM
It depends on the game :D Most games should be fine at 1200x1024. Its when you starting cranking up the AA/AF is when the card starts to hurt :)