View Full Version : 3D Graphics processing order?

11-18-05, 03:26 PM
Can someone give me some good links of how modern graphic cards process the data from the point they get the raw data till it's written to the back buffer, or maybe give me some workflows :)
I'm preparing for a small lecture about modern 3d graphics and this information would come in really handy (also i'm really interested myself)
my current point of knowledge would think about something like this:
RAW=>Vertex Shader=>Pixel/Texel Pipelines=>Pixelshader=>Back Buffer
But i'd like to know a bit more like where MIP Mapping occures and similar things...

also i'm a bit confused about GeForce 5-7 architecture concerning Pixel and Texel Pipelines.
The Specsheets says the following:
Pipeline Configuration 24 / 16 / 32
(Textures / Pixels / Z Samples per clock)

but i.e. here (http://www.rojakpot.com/default.aspx?location=3&var1=88&var2=0)
it states something like:
(Pixel/Texture Pipelines)
that'd mean a G70 could process 24 pixels with one texture per pass right?

From the specsheet i'd have guessed something like
24 Textures per pass on
16 Pixels with
32 Z-Samples

So if someone can help getting rid of my confusion i could sleep again without all those numbers and thoughts in my head :)
thanks in advance!