View Full Version : coolest raid deal ever :)

11-18-05, 07:49 PM
I had a raptor 36 gb, going to ebay it for $80 or so, and i bought two deskstart 80 gb sata2 hds from newegg for 56 a peice so hopefully those will be wayyyy beter than my raptor, besides i really never noteced to much of a gain with it :)

100 bucks for 2 sata 2 80 gig drives is a steal :)

they fail somewhat a lot but thats what raid 5 is for

11-18-05, 09:37 PM
I had two of those (7k80's) and they worked fine in raid 0. Never got a failure once, had them for 3-6 months. Had them going sata 2 too. I stepped things up a bit lately and am Upgrading to two sata 2/ncq 16mb cache 500mb (1 tb total) hard drives going raid 0.

Check these guys out (expensive, but fast):

11-19-05, 02:53 AM
dont think you generally notice that much from HD performance in comon use.. perhaps a bit when copying files from HD to HD, but then your still limited to the slower HDs speed..

11-19-05, 07:01 AM
:) sata 2 is bs but its nice 2 know, im interested in burstspeed because i want files on demand :)

11-19-05, 07:06 AM
Raptor SATA-150 is still beter the any drive with SATA-300, shame about drive space but drive. Space thinking about adding an other Raptor to RAID :drool:

11-19-05, 02:44 PM
Well, don't know think it's about time SATA went high rpm all around? It is supposed to be the eventual SCSI killer. Let us all imagine a 10k rpm raptor, 16mb cache, NCQ and transferring up to 300mb/sec. Get your head out of the drool bucket!