View Full Version : hard drive light on case "dead"?

08-11-02, 02:14 AM
Not really sure where to post this. Here it goes: My hard drive led on the front of my case hase been working fine. No cables have been moved and suddenly the led stays in the on (constant lit) position all the time (except with power off). I double checked the cable and it is plugged into the motherboard properly. Is it possible for a led to get "stuck" in the on position? Any ideas on what is going on?

08-11-02, 02:32 AM
I've had LED's go out but I've never heard of one getting stuck on.

08-11-02, 03:12 PM
You aren't having any problems with the system since this has been happening have you?

08-11-02, 05:04 PM
The system works perfectly. The hdd light is acting goofy. Itreied to switch it with the power led...it stays on as well. Cleared cmos/bios....same thing. I cant figure it out!

08-13-02, 09:44 AM
somin software based probably.. or a hard drive with somin up :p

08-13-02, 10:03 AM
What kind of hard drive do you have?


08-13-02, 10:05 AM
have you tried reversing the polarity?

08-13-02, 09:14 PM
yep! Antec is sending me a replacement so I'll see if its the led.