View Full Version : Need to update BIOS for opteron?

11-21-05, 11:11 PM
I'm getting an Opteron 170 later on this week (Dual Core goodness!!), and I was wondering if I would need to update my Bios to recognize the cpu.
I'm new to this dual core stuff, so will I need to install a cpu driver, or Windows SP2 Dual Core hotfix i've heard about?

11-22-05, 10:48 AM
well, if you havent updated your BIOS since you got the board, you probably will need one. they usually post a list of the added CPU's that the new BIOS suppports, so i would just check that and make sure its in the list before you upgrade. im not sure if they will list the CPU as its name, or just write "support for dual core cpu's"

regarding the driver, im not sure if there is an opteron driver or not, im sure there is. i would install it, as i have the x2 driver installed on my box. also, the hotfix should not be needed as its more for the Cool N Quiet feature, which if you dont use, you shouldnt need the update.

11-22-05, 10:49 AM
I updated my BIOS, the first day I got my board.
I used Tmods ( i think it was his CD) boot CD to flash the BIOS.