View Full Version : WTF?? and Z-Buffer error

01-07-03, 03:06 AM
PS: look at the z-buffer errors link. ;)
Honestly, which one of you guys thought it was a z-buffer error? :p

What's up with the mystery room? There is nothing in there besides a mystery half cylinder.

01-08-03, 06:55 AM
That 'thing' may be a 'sky box'. Although it exists in what appears to be the same 'world space', it is never visible because there is no 'portal' to see it from within the level. When you turned clipping off however, you were able to view it. The sky box is visible because a 'camera' is placed in the center of it, matching your play camera and the sky is drawn first before the rest of the scene. The unreal sky boxes are often not mere boxes, but often a whole minature, animating scene.