View Full Version : chipset settings A8N 32SLi Delux

11-23-05, 01:03 AM
Hi Guys & Gals,
Im a little bit un sure about the Chipset settings on this M/Bo.
On my A8N SLi Delux i used to run the HT @ 4.But on this puppy im a bit stuck.:mad:
SB to NB ?
K8 to NB Frequency Auto or 200 to 1600 ?
K8 to NB Linkwidth Auto 8 or 16 ?
SB to NB Frequencey 200 - 1600 ? (currently set to 1000)
SB to NB Linkwidth 4-8-16(currently set to 16)

I know i may sound a bit dumb but im just not sure wat to set them @, A little bit of help would be sweet,

11-27-05, 12:31 AM
I seriously caunt believe non of u guys know any thing about Chipset setting_
When i asked for help on my A8N sli... you were so helpfull ,I got too much,I just need a bit of info....not blood. sorry to have troubled you guys