View Full Version : amd x2 + game videos?

11-24-05, 04:42 PM
Just want to make sure that this would be a good combo...

an amd x2 would be a good decision over a regular 3000+ for recording in game videos with say... fraps or another program?

could you run the game on one core, then the video recording on the other?

what about adding another gig

he wants a good solid fps of over 30

hes got a 3000+ right now (socket 745)
9800 pro (256)
1 gig of ram

11-24-05, 05:50 PM
It will still chug a little when you are recording even if you set affinity.

However, no where close to what it was with single core.

I think fraps will be tweaked to take advantage of dual core procs in the near future (I hope)

11-24-05, 06:54 PM
I think capturing live video can be ALOT better on PCI-E systems, atleast if the software utilizes it in the appropriate way.
AGP has really lously DOWN speed FROM the card, like 256Mb/sec, AND is half duplex.. while PCI-E 16x can stream about 4gb/sec both up and down at the same time..
To my uneducated ears, it sounds like capturing live from the framebuffer would be more efficient here..

Dual Core SHOULD help aswell, as the other core can handle the encoding and storing, preferably on a different HD from the acctuall game perhaps..
So if you can assign Fraps to the other core, it should prolly help alot, not that I have tried it myself (dont have a X2, yet anyhow..)