View Full Version : Abit A8N SLI & 7800gt's cooling

11-25-05, 06:43 PM
i know the asus sli board has extra space to put better cooling on your gpu's, well my abit isnt like that. are all motherboards the same, what i mean is, will 2 arctic coolers fit okay like they do (barely) on other SLI boards? i threw a zalman on my top card and at idle she is at 48, but under load it gets to anything from 75 to 83. if thats not anything to worry about, just let me know, otherwise i dont want to melt my card:)

you know, come to think of it, my stock cooler may have been a little lower temps, cause it wasnt right up against the second card like my zalman is.

11-25-05, 08:19 PM
What are the case temperatures like? If those are high too I'd like at improving those rather than messing around with the graphics card cooling -- if you improve the case's ambient temperatures you'll inevitably lower the temperature of the graphics cards too.

Case temperature is definitely a problem in my full tower case with a pair of 7800 GTs so in a smaller case I can only imagine it will be much more a problem.

11-25-05, 08:53 PM
hmm, i have put another 120 mm fan, on silent near the card and knocked 10C off the temps. i'll find out the ambient temps, but maybe its time to get a new case too