View Full Version : aspire Qpack PSU, how much can it take?

11-25-05, 08:56 PM
I have a aspire qpack with an amd 3400+ 65 2 gb of ram, 2 pci cards 2 metior lights 2 plasma lights, 3 fans with lcd, watercooling pumb, dvd burner, 2 sata hds, 2 more pc blower fans, 6600gt well overclocked, and 2 more fans for radiator cooling, 2 lcds

420Wpsu, never had a problem exept sometime the lcd would show LL, dont know why, its a standalong temp moniter

im moving 2 a

same case and psu, amd 3800x2, 6800gs, 2gb ram, 2 metiro lights, 2 plasma lights 2 lcd fans, watercooling 2 fans and pumb, dvd burner, 2 lcds, and now 3hds, 2 sata2s and 1 sata1, and my question is do you think it can handle the power?

420 w is a lot, and using a online calculator with everything on that you could chosse i hit 380, Idk it seems liek its overloaded, it has 4 molex and all 4 are loaded with pluggs, do you think i should upgrade or just give it a shot. I want to get over 2.5hz with my new cpu, but idk about rails and what not, Im setting it all up tomorrow so idk, help me out, i could never get over 2.4 with my 3400 because it would crash with windows error, do you think thats due to power?

oh and yes this all does fit into my qpack :p