View Full Version : 50 Hz switch with 7800

11-26-05, 06:37 PM
I need to use 50 Hz from time to time when playing back PAL material on my HDTV set. (Mainly live TV with my DTV card in MediaPortal)
Problem is nVidias TMDS chip or whatever doesn't "officially" support it.

You can however enable it via powerstrip or nvidias advanced tools.
Problem is: windows still reads it as 60 Hz and it doesn't really work properly.

If I enable 50 Hz once and then go back to 60 Hz the next time I reboot I will be back at 50 Hz.

What I would like is a command line tool that allows me to force 50 Hz, those I've tried as of yet complains that it's not a supported mode even though I have unticked hide unsupported modes.

I found a tool called reschanger which seemingly would allow me to force 50 Hz and launch my application for video playback all with one click and then restoring 60 Hz when exiting the app.
Problem is that it won't set 50 Hz because it says it's unsupported. And I never found out what commands I needed to pass for it to restore the frresh rate to 60 Hz upon exit.

Any ideas here would be very nice.
I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one with an nVidia card using a HDTV set in PAL-land?

BTW does anyone know if modern ATi cards properly support 50 Hz?