View Full Version : DangerDen Water Blocks?

11-26-05, 07:16 PM
Anyone using these on an SLi set up, and how much clearance do you need between the cards? If I can cool my cards this way I am going to switch my system to water cooling.

EDIT: Pfft NM I went to the their site. It looks it like should work.

While I am here what do you guys think of Swiftech? A few of my friends are suggesting I buy my base set up from them.

11-26-05, 07:29 PM
I can't say anything of Swifttech, but Koolance has worked well for me (6 months, no problems).

However, I had a conflict with Danger Den's 865 and NV-68 waterblocks with my Asus P4P800 that ended up frying north bridge. They still haven't responded to my email... The NV-68 is big, though, so big that I had to remove the card to be able to put the RAM in. This may be different with PCI-express configurations, though.

11-26-05, 09:00 PM
let me know what you find out about water cooling.. i am really looking into it. it either get a new case with better cooling, but i love mine. or get watercooling.

11-26-05, 11:01 PM
Yesterday I impulse-bought two Coolermaster VaAQUA WaterBlock for NV for my 6800 Ultra SLI. I was taken by surprise by the price tag--$25 each, compared to the Koolance $70 each.

I'm disgruntled that they don't appear on Coolermaster.com (http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/CoolerMaster/default.aspx), even with a search. Perhaps they were not a successful product. Newegg customer reviews (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835103172) suggest the fragile plastic nozzles break after a week. I may have gotten exactly what I paid for. None the less, I have some Koolance blocks I can use if the Coolermasters don't work out.

11-26-05, 11:12 PM
I will let you know how it goes.

They have Danger Dens for SLi and I am not sure if that is the best way to go, or from block to block on a single radiator. Many are using more than one radiator.

I am deciding now how to go. I could always put the cards on one cooling set up with two radiators and the CPU|Chipset on another set up with one. That will get expensive, and potentially complicated.

I am still gathering info and searching out reviews. Here's a decent forum for others after liquid cooling info: