View Full Version : Installing a Zalman 7000b-CU

11-27-05, 06:51 PM
So I got meself one of the above...

I just have one question:

I will be using the thermal thinger it comes with. How big a layer should I apply?

1mm, maybe less?

Pray tell, oh wise ones!


11-27-05, 07:02 PM
just cover the cpu with a super thin layer and slap the heatsink on.

11-27-05, 07:10 PM
usually, the thinner the better. they usually recommend a layer that is about a thick as a piece of paper. the only thing thermal grease really does is fill in the very small grooves on the die and displace the air between the heatsink and the chip.

the thermal grease has a lower thermal resistivity than air, therefore it transfers heat better. the thinner the better though, as direct contact is the best means of transfer of heat.

11-27-05, 07:50 PM
Follow these instructions.


11-27-05, 11:47 PM
OK, got it... the thinner, the better.

Thanks a bunch. Will proceed to install it as soon as I have soem spare time.

12-01-05, 06:16 PM
i suggest use ceramics form AS5 not that comes with zalman cooler