View Full Version : New ASUS EN7800GT and artifacts

11-28-05, 03:37 AM
Just bought new EN7800GT. It worked well for a few runs of 3dmark2005, next day I played sniper elite and got white dots (or squares) all around. Some of them are forming two vertical lines.

I tried different drivers (few latest and older from cd), even reinstalled windows - doesn`t helps :(
artifacts are coming immediatly after running any 3d except atitool.

power supply is pretty good - 480W, so I doubt it`s a problem.
motherboard - foxconn NF4 Ultra with latest bios.

lowering frequencies to the minimum in rivatuner doesn`t helps, temperature is ok (even tried with one more cooler - got 56-59 C in action)

What can I do with this?

11-28-05, 04:23 AM